A photostory by Ivo Corrà

Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
29 October 2020

Between improvisation and planning, freedom and control, the human condition and technological development. Between day and night. In collaboration with choreographer and performer Silvia Morandi, TWILIGHT stages situations that emphasise the hybridisation between body, space and devices in the urban context of the smart city of Bolzano (I). Created for Eurac Research, on the borderline between nature and artifice, the presence of figures in groups in different settings showcases the primordial vibration of the body, in dialogue innovation and the movement toward contemporaneity.

© | Ivo Corrà
Alperia Tower: storage tank for the Alperia Ecoplus district heating system in Bolzano south© | Ivo Corrà
Alperia Tower and cycle path with Firmiano castle in the background, Bolzano south© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
IPES (Provincial Institute for Social Housing) complex in via Brescia, Don Bosco district, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
IPES façade with solar thermal system in via Brescia, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
Terrace on the Isarco river: recreational area along the cycle path at Via Genova’s park, Don Bosco district, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
Video surveillance system in the old town centre, via Museo, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
Corner of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta church and "Alexander Langer" primary school buildings. Maria Montessori Square, Firmian, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
Smart point on Maria Montessori square, Firmian, Bolzano© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà
© | Ivo Corrà

Performer: Ibrahim Cambai, Chiara Capo, Viola Framba, Michele Fucich, Massimiliano Larcher, Silvia Morandi, Adele Pallaveri, Margherita Polo

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